The Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara stands out not only for its natural beauty but also for its active commitment to the conservation and promotion of marine and coastal biodiversity.

Through research, monitoring, and environmental education activities, the area not only protects marine ecosystems but also raises public awareness about the importance of preserving these unique habitats.

Its crystal-clear waters conceal a fascinating underwater world, characterized by spectacular rock formations that serve as a refuge for a diverse marine fauna.

Among the rocks emerge pinnacles and bastions, inhabited by red gorgonians and yellow sea daisies, while Mediterranean barracuda schools traverse the transparent waters, offering an exciting spectacle to diving enthusiasts.

In the vicinity of the Island of Cavoli, visitors can follow the barracudas in their patrols, while in the Secca di Cala Caterina, it is possible to admire imposing granite landslides populated by groupers and large gilt-head breams.

However, the Marine Protected Area is not limited to nature conservation; it also strives to promote sustainable development of the territory, enhancing traditional activities and the local culture, closely linked to the marine world. In a constant balance between environmental protection and socio-economic growth.


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